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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Ebooks Success

Ebooks Success: How to crack the Code for a Successful Ebook Publishing

Ebooks writing has grown in years. Not just grown, but their growth is rapid.
People tend to buy ebooks more than print books. There can be an arguement about this whether ebooks are good or print books.

People who likes to read hard copy of books are fan of them. but the ebooks fans are also not less.
ebooks are available in low cost and are handy.
NO PUBLISHING TENSION and people can format their books by themselves.

Well, this arguement will always continue.

lets no get into that.....

I have met many people who wants to write their books and mainly ebooks

Well ebook writing is very simple. ALLOW ME TO TELL YOU MORE ABOUT THIS.

If you are a person(like me) who do not like to read long instructions and wants solutions in simple, small and efficient steps than keep reading this.

1)You have to just write your ideas in a word or pdf form.
2)save it
3) publish it.(using a platform for publishing)
   Many platforms are available for publishing. Amazon,smashwords, barnes and nobles,etc. They  all    give good and different  advantages(just search the net for more info).


But there are many things involved in this.
Ebooks needs right content, I mean good content,marketing skills,etc. to be successful.

It might be difficult for beginners. But it is necessary to know the basics.

Like I said if  you are a person(like me) who do not like to read long instructions and wants solutions in simple, small and efficient steps then i have a simple book for you. IT is called


If you want to start writing ebook with an efficient and accurate guide for this then you should definitely check this book on smashwords. the link to this book is given right below.

This book will definitely give you a total overview of e-book writing in quick short steps. I have seen many books of this content which are filled with lots of pages that are of no concern to you and ofcourse they charge a huge amount of money. That is of no use.

This book is available for only 0.99$. IT is only for the readers and is for limited time only for the first 50 customers. So if you like it , which I am sure then refer it to your friends

It is a one time investment and after that you might start earning with yours ebook too. Only your hard work and dedication is required and soon you will be SUCCESSFUL and the key to this is your hardwork.

So feel confident, believe in yourself and set yourself for writing your book.